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Playbook was born out of a shared love for all things fantasy sports amongst its co-founders Adam and Luke.

We’ve been playing fantasy football (like most of you reading this now) since as early as we could remember. As we got older we looked for a way to get more out of the game and tried just about every DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) platform out there, but our success was always limited (if even there at all).

Like many, we found the fun, competitiveness, and love we had for the game start to fade, with the more time we spent on the DFS platforms of today. They were missing all the core elements that made playing fantasy sports what it was—an experience that is simple, fun, and competitive that anyone can play and win, not just the top 1% of players.

That’s why we built playbook—a simplified market-place built on top of fantasy sports where you can Buy or Short the performance of your favorite athletes each week and go with or against your friends’ picks in a single click. No more worrying about the sharks, drafting a full line-up every week, or one of your players getting injured and tanking your whole team.

Play fantasy sports the way you always have—except now, you can buy your favorite players, and short the ones you know are in for a bad week. Fade the picks of your league losers, and Ride with your league winners. It’s that simple.

We are a team of fantasy fanatics, traders, and sports bettors who have built the platform we always dreamed of. Join us.


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